The Jamhole Ep 27


“Shooting up is messed up, but I’ll do some pills.”

Hello and welcome to episode 27 of The Jamhole comedy podcast. In tonights episode we discuss me being sick, scumbags and caller ID, more pink shoelace whores, and the movie untraceable. We got some great news stories this evening, including a 17 year old who stabbed his girlfriend for 15 minutes, and a construction worker who got more than he bargained for during a hospital visit. Thank you so much for listening, we’ll see you friday!

Big ups to the bloodener for making the pink shoelaces motivational poster, and to Roach elle for making the Brrr nigger motivational poster. You guys fucking rock like crack!

Remember, every friday we will be answering questions submitted to the spoof ask dr phil site we started a few years ago. So if you have anything you need help with, go ahead and ask dr phil aka Shaun and the jamhole for help. Send an email to with ask dr phil in the subject.

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