The Jamhole Ep 26


Welcome to the 26th installment of the jamhole free comedy internet radio show. On tonights show, we talk about people and their stupid fucking dogs, people and their stupid fucking religions, people and the montana sex offender registry, and of course, why people do the stupid shit they do. We really delve into the underbelly of the mental state of society on this episode, so kick back, light up a fat ass bowl, and learn something. We also discuss a man who thought it would be a good idea to piss on a child, the best way to abort that unwanted cunt turd, why you shouldnt leave your children unattended in sunday school, and of course, some law roundup, flathead valley style. Come take a journey into the dark side of your mind with us on the monday show.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone that called into the distorted view voice mail line, the sick and wrong drunk dial line, and the brianisinyou voice mail line, promoting the jamhole. I think we’ve gotten all the hate mail we’re going to get from this spam campaign, so if you helped out, thanks a ton, and if you did not, then go fuck yourself.

Remember, every friday we will be answering questions submitted to the spoof ask dr phil site we started a few years ago. So if you have anything you need help with, go ahead and ask Dr. Phil aka Shaun and the Jamhole for help. Send an email to with Ask Dr Phil in the subject.

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