The Jamhole Ep 23


“You could have been raped in the butt!”

Welcome and thank you for checking out the 23rd episode of the jamhole free comedy podcast fun sexy time. In tonights episode we talk about a 12 year old killer, a local convicted sex offendending cannibal, getting paid to smoke weed, and killing hitch hikers in the name of world peace. Thats right, you get all this plus so much more when you order now. Actually you dont have to order anything, just go to and take a listen. You will be so fucking glad you did.

Help spread the good word of the jamhole by calling into these voice mail lines for other podcasts. We dont give a fat flying fuck what you say, as long as it has in it somewhere. Here are the numbers to call:
Distorted View – 206.666.4463
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Brianisinyou – 206.495.6525

Remember, friday, and every friday after we will be answering questions submitted to the spoof ask dr phil site we started a few years ago. So if you have anything you need help with, go ahead and ask dr phil aka Shaun for help. Send an email to with ask dr phil in the subject.

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