Ep 437: Free Speech Advocate


“Honey, your vagina was so tight the condom just came off.”

Hi there. My name is Mat I’m next, number twenty one at bat. This is my hat, this is my three year old pet rat. This is my fat. This is my cat. This is where I shat my pants at the school dance. This is how I prance. This is France. Do you smell that? Piss and shit try to change it with a whistle pitch. This’ll itch, but don’t scratch it. Put the needle on the table and try not to crack it.

  • Hello and welcome to episode 477 of the Jamhole. Don’t get it twisted. Just kidding.
  • Let’s all listen to a joke from the sales guy. Hey, knock knock…
  • How many cocks would you have to suck to raise $900?
  • Let’s talk about Wiki Leaks. Did you know that was was Australian? Me either. I’m still pretty positive those sex allegations are completely made up. This is why Larry Flynt donated some cash to Wiki Leaks.
  • I love that they sent Glen Beck a letter. What a jerk off.
  • Gaping holes. Heh. Check out that gaper. You got a gun through. We came to find out that it was a .40 cal. Nice work TSA! I’m pretty sure TSA doesn’t give a fuck.
  • New study shows we should give our homeless bums as much alcohol as they want. Shit yea. I say we should also give them video cameras and a justin.tv channel. Support a bum for as little as $2.32. What a bargain!
  • That cop ran me over, because he was on Facebook. If you drive while you Facebook, you get your face smooshed. That’s the best I can do. You can have that. This guy is going to make bank suing the shit out of anyone and everyone involved with this.
  • Let’s take a moment and let my cat have a fucking seizure. God that is fucking weird. My cat is special!
  • What’s stopping me from killing you right now. Check out this couple who had a heated argument.
  • So, neither here nor there, but how much does foreskin go for on the black market these days? You weird fucker.
  • Hey, you know how the skin on the head of your dick is soooo soft? Yea, super soft.
  • Every man cries the day he comes to the realization he will never be able to put his own penis in his mouth. That’s the day he becomes a man. A very sad man.
  • You ripped her fucking nipple OFF! Damn dude, that’s nuts. Guess who has super sensitive nipples?
  • It’s ok dad, I’ll get you out of that wood chipper. Wow dad, you are a lot shorter than I remember.
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