Ep 451: Black Powder


“Nate’s gonna walk in and see me crying like a bitch.”

Let’s see, how many licks does it take? That depends, how many dicks are awake getting baked? A question with a question to make your head spin, a sentient sentence preaching to the dead wind. Capture the caption of the captain of rapping who just so happens to be a mad man. His stature demure with a twist of explosive, risk what you have to get a little closer, now open. Now close your composure and act like our closer with pantyhose wrapped around your neck, closer and closer this is the one you can’t forget.

  • This show will change your life. Probably not, but it makes me feel good to say that every now and then. Watch us do this ridiculousness live every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 7pm PT. 10pm ET. at thejamhole.com/live.
  • People die all the time, some of them have Facebook accounts. Here is the link again if anyone has a friend who’s Facebook page needs to be turned into a memorial.
  • Shout out to a local listener Darren. Fuck, I see these stickers everywhere. Heh, that means it’s working.
  • Keeping with the theme of us ripping off ideas from other shows, this one comes from the Nice Man podcast. So basically you take Jamhole stickers or business cards, and you slip them into the pockets of pants in department stores. DO THIS, and help spread the word of the Jamhole podcast. Thanks Nice Man, you = Best.
  • I’d like to ask our local listeners to please refrain from putting stickers in the local Walmart. I mean honestly do whatever the fuck you want, but if you put stickers in the Walmart here, make sure to leave a note that it wasn’t Danni’s mom. Thank you.
  • Also Facebook and Twitter make it very easy for you to suggest pages to people you’re friends with. Suggest the Jamhole and Hot Box to everyone you know. Let’s grow this thing.
  • The Jamhole guest list is mostly done. Everyone is on there, that I could find. I may have missed a couple people, but that’s what we have listeners for. As you are listening back, double check my work. You can also get to the page easily at thejamhole.com/people. Fuck that took forever, I hope you all appreciate the monotonous work. We have had some cool fucking people come hang out with us on the Jamhole.
  • Once we reach episode 500, I am going to make the podcast feed only show the latest 100 episodes. Our feed is getting out of control, and this should, in theory, make it much faster. I will also have archived blocks of the past episodes that you can download. Unless we have some RSS god’s out in the audience that has a better idea as to how to handle this mess.
  • So let me get this straight, you were being an idiot, fell into a fountain because you were on your phone texting, and now you want to sue someone else because of it? Man, how blissful is your ignorance? Seriously though, you guys have to see this video, it’s so fucking funny. She tumbles pretty good. We all do stupid stuff like that, you just did it somewhere there was CCTV and a security guard with a sense of humor.
  • Let’s take this moment to make a little fun of the kitty. She likes to sit like a teddy bear.
  • Do you guys remember the preacher who wanted to burn some Korans? Yea, this just in, he’s still a fucking retard. Do we still exile people? If not, we should really bring that back. I have a list of people that need some good exile time.
  • Hmm, where should I put this dead baby? Oh shit, there’s a spot in the cupboard. No one will ever think to look there. You know, if you are just going to have a baby to throw in a cupboard, just don’t have the baby at all. Have that abortion. You were only 21 years old.
  • I blame our lack of sponsorship for this show on Danni and her unprofessional behavior. Are you seriously eating during the podcast? I’m sure the people listening with headphones really appreciate it. If you want to sponsor the show, email info@thejamhole.com or use the submit form on the About Us page.
  • A little local Hidda Hadda Herdda. I would like to do a quick public service announcement. If you are making a potato gun, you should never use black powder. If you use black powder, what you’ve actually made is a pipe bomb. Use hair spray, preferably AquaNet.
  • Remember kick a Ginger day? Well, get ready to kick it up to the next level. Kick a Jew day. Hitler would have been proud. I sure miss being in school sometimes. Can you imagine the kind of damage we would have done if we had networking tools like Facebook and Myspace back when we were in school? Oh man.
  • Hiding meth in your vagina. Nice. Maybe if you are going to be out in town with drugs, you should leave the guns and knives at home. The funny thing is they never did end up giving her a ticket for the knife.
  • Running into traffic yelling and screaming, completely butt naked. Yea, you are going to get tased bro. It’s because you were made of steal that you got shocked by the taser. Metal is conductive. DUH!
  • Leave a message for the show at 406.204.4687 and email info@thejamhole.com. Make sure if you enjoy the show to go join the forums! We also have a PO Box you can send us a postcard from where you live to. We hang them on our wall. Thank you!

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