The Jamhole Ep 4


In this evenings episode, Holly and Myke guest host with me. Travis said he was tired so i dont know whats going on. I understand if he was really tired, but if he’s using that as an excuse because his girlfriend wont let him come play, then thats kind of messed up. Either way, we will keep jamming out the jamhole. This episode features topics such as americas prison numbers, how terrorists may use robots in future attacks (H.U.A.R.), how google is partnering with homeless shelters, being tortured over a fitty sack of herb, teaching your 4 year old how to smoke the chronic, and of course, the local roundup. We finally got our domain going, so from now on, bookmark If you arent taken to the jamhole website, then the dns hasnt refreshed yet. So keep trying, eventually it will be there.
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