Ep 532: So Wizard


“That’s the shit I like, I like that shit better.”

Show notes, who reads the show notes? Not me, I write them. I rarely read over what I’ve written, unless I’ve been partaking in a little of the devil plant. You know the one. Yea, that one. Makes the house smell good and makes the sun shine a little more smiley through the windows. That’s how it goes. People go to jail, lawyers are hired to fight injustice all around us, and at the end of the day, when we all take our pants off one leg at a time, you know who wins? Certainly not We the People, not even the younger generation of pupils. NO one wins but the judges who preside over the cases and the lawyers who give you advice on what side of the fence to plea on. That’s all, the whole ball of wax, sad, up against the wall in hand cuffs, all because it decided to play it safe and smoke a little herb, rather than get all drunk and drive it’s whip into a bus full of kids. The moral of the story? Don’t drink and drive? No. The moral is find a lawyer and become his / her best friend. That is all you can do to protect yourself from the frivolousness of everyday law. Law that’s getting practiced all over your punk ass.

– Call the show live when we’re recording at 406.204.4687. Say what you must, then hang the fuck up. That’s usually how a phone call goes right?

– Hey, have you found your glasses yet? We even went looking up at the cabin for them, and did not find it. There is a pharcyde / the far side joke in here. It’s pretty complex.

– Who learned how to give road head on the way back from the cabin. Yea, she did. She even did it willingly. At least someone caught some dick up at Dickie Lake.

– I must have a Green Lantern ring. But only if it does what it’s made to do. You know, make me things. Anything my mind can imagine huh?

– These mics really pick up the full sound of sigh and disappointment. That’s what we strive to bring you each and every episode of the Jamhole.

Mcnally is wizard. Bringing it back. All the way back. Do you want the third annual Jamhole live audience show episode for free? This is the Jamhole 525, and it’s awesome. Check out the pictures here.

– Let’s ruin some films. Attack the block was cool. Except for the fact that they are big dogs and I still don’t get how they travel across the galaxy. You don’t leave your planet if you are a big dumb dog. His name is Nick Frost, and it’s his weed room. The Green Lantern was also pretty cool. Then again, I was never a Green Lantern fan. Do you remember Meteor Man? This was Robert Townsend at his finest.

– Why isn’t anyone making anything original anymore? It’s either off the book shelf, or it’s a remake of something. Then again, True Blood is ok, and these are all the reasons why it beats the pants off of Twilight. Even a show about gay vampire sex is not as gay as Twilight. Just saying…

– Yes, they even made a new Children of the Corn movie. It’s called Genesis. Let’s take a quick stroll through Children of the Corn movie history.

– So did you find a job yet? Speaking of being unemployed, the U.S. Post Office, those fine carriers of the nations mail, might be out of work this winter. You owe how much? What, were you taking hints from H.P. on how to kill your business? Do you know who your post master general is? His name is Patrick. Robots delivering mail, that’s all I’m saying.

– If we  did an hour show like Mythbusters, we would spend more time advertising bullshit products and services than anything else. First myth, where’s Danni’s glasses. MYTH BUSTED! This is why podcasting is so awesome. Keep an eye out for the new Jamhole commercials. This show brought to you by whatever bullshit we decide to make up.

– Have you ever heard of Ruin Porn? Poor, poor Detroit. Did you know that if everyone who left Detroit in the last decade, all went to one city, it would be the 80th largest city in this great nation of ours. We could move to Detroit and help rebuild the city.

– If your uncle and your father were outside fighting, who do you stab? Your father, duh! Sorry dad, I didn’t know it was you.

– Why are cops so stupid sometimes? This cop in New Mexico had sex with a female on the hood of a car, in full view of a camera. Yea, he got fired.

– Danni outlines her plan for the future. Apparently a lot of people are doing this. Did you go to college to learn? Or to survive because you can’t find a job. Thank goodness for grants. Gimme a grant for a grand.

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