My newest release is called Projekt Smokalot.

Listen to Projekt Smokalot on YouTube Music, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon MusiciTunes, Hear Now, and Spotify.

Track List

01 – Information Savage
02 – Feel Bad
03 – Band Shirts Featuring Sammy Warmhands
04 – Viral Outreach
05 – Yesterdays
06 – Creature Comforts
07 – How Are You Feeling?
08 – Weed Sack
09 – Ode to Bizzy Bone Featuring Marc Lee
10 – Carpool Featuring Marc Lee
11 – Imbalanced-Disorder
12 – The Dream

Album Art
Ben Wilson aka Spacebass
Find him on Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

Beat Production
Marc Lee and Rob Sonic

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  3. You guys definitely got skill. I don’t even like hip hop but i still like most of your guys’s stuff. The second I get some money ill toss some your way.

  4. Thanks man, can’t wait to release these two new albums. You can hear tracks from Escape Goats and The Blame EP on the soundcloud page.

  5. Awesome I will definitely do that.

  6. The Blame EP is out! Check it out and pass it on!

  7. Escape Goats is now Available. Enjoy that shit!

  8. It will be a year on October 22nd when we released the Palici Chthonic Chronicles album.

  9. My brand new album, Project LD 50 is coming out very soon! It’s 19 tracks of that good ol fashioned hip hop shit with beats mainly produced by Marc Lee aka 12hythm. Also beats by Mok Beats, Professor Progressor, and Marten Cardona. Keep checking back here for updates.

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