525th Episode

The third annual Jamhole live show, the 525 ep has come and gone. We had a great time as usual. This will probably be the last live audience show we do for a while. Three in a row isn’t bad, considering how we have to support this. A huge thanks to everyone who helped in one way or another, and to everyone that came from out of state to party with us. If you missed this, let me be the first to tell you, the third time was the charm. Just kidding, but seriously, we all had a blast. Scroll down for pictures, the trailer, and of course, the Jamhole 525.

Who: The Jamhole DUH!

What: Third annual Jamhole live audience show and party week

Where: Anna’s Italian Grille | 1330 Highway 2 West Kalispell, MT (Same place we’ve always had it)

When: Saturday August 13th 2011 | Show starts at 10pm. Be there at 8pm for dinner and seats.

Rustic Electricity Free Camping: Tuesday August 9th through Wednesday August 10th

White Water Rafting: Thursday, August 11th
Going with the guided tour in Glacier with Wild River Adventures. This is a halfday trip, bring dry clothes and shoes that can get wet. No bare feet or open sandals. Also, if you can’t swim, it’s all good, they have life vests, and the river is fairly calm this far into the summer. It’s gonna be a fun time!

Jamhole in Studio Show: Friday, August 12th

Third Annual Jamhole Live Audience Show / Party flyer. Huge props to Luke Smith for making this for us. You are one wicked awesome artist. I have paper copies if anyone wants some. There is a lot of cool shit in the poster you almost need to hold it in paper to see. Email or send a self addressed stamped envelope to the Jamhole PO Box.

So there you have it. I will be taking off that whole week (Aug 8th – Aug 12th) to party with you guys and hang out. if you have something else you’d like to do while you are here, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Consider us your tour guides for the week. Since August is much warmer than the end of September, it’s going to be nice and warm and we can do all the fun outdoors stuff we couldn’t do because of weather the last two years. This is going to be a blast, so get your plane tickets booked and plans made. As always we will open our studio to the first few out of state fans who need a place to stay. We’ll use this thread to arrange the whole week, so if your coming, RSVP here or on the Facebook event page.

Again, here is the Facebook Event page for the party.