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TJH 669: Evil Spider Spirits


“She has a designation now.”

A mostly wise man once asked me, what are you passionate about? I thought long and hard about it, and out of all the things I’m down with in this world, what am I actually passionate about? Weed? Music? Sex? Podcasting? If I had to pick one thing, I’d say that I’m finally doing it, or at least starting to. Cannabis, science, the endocannabinoid system and how different cannabinoids and terpenes potentiate each other and give you this amazingly relaxing, tolerant of other’s bullshit, effect. That’s what I’m passionate about. How and why cannabis does what it does when it does that thing that it does. Because it does it so well, is so absolutely safe for us, yet is the devils tool for the government when it comes to prohibition and mass control.

That’s probably why I’ve been trying to focus on the Hot Box podcast, and writing weed reviews on Stuff Stoners Like. It’s what I’m passionate about. Of course the Jamhole is my first love and will never truly go away, but sometimes the time and motivation just isn’t there to record and post a show. How can you motivate me more? More interaction perhaps, and buying stuff from the new Amazon affiliate link would be a good start. But really, I don’t expect anyone to do anything, so just keep on keeping on and we’ll do the same, and every now and then you’ll be happily surprised by a new episode of the Jamhole. I’ll probably have to start grooming this new baby girl to take over the show one day. Can you even imagine?

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