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Ep 233: Prawns!


“How many alien jokes could you fit in here you faggot?”

You push it in, you pull it out, you repeat. How long can this go on for before you just wanna pull it in, then push it out, then blow your fucking brains out all over the place? As humans we are known for loving a good solid routine. But, some of us have evolved high functioning brains that let us know when some shit is about to go down, and then it’s time to cut losses and get the fuck out. The only problem is, you can’t. You’re trapped, attached to the cell of your own design by the proverbial ball and chain. Every single solitary human being has a ball and chain on the leg in one form or another. Like I said earlier, some of us have the capability and the intellectual prowess to figure out how to cut the chain off. On the other hand, if you haven’t figured that out by now, you’ll probably just end up hanging yourself with it.

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