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TJH 600: Dope and Crack Whores


“Just fucking stuff it in there like a dog.”

Here it is, another amazing milestone. 600 episodes! Are you bored yet? Is it fresh enough for you? So let me lay this on you real quick. Our friends Uhh Yeah Dude are doing another live show, and it’s in Denver Colorado. I’m thinking about making the trip to Denver for the show, and thought it would be cool if Jamholia came out of the woodwork and joined in the fun. I wouldn’t call it crashing a party, but we can all go enjoy some funny ha ha together. I’ll know as soon as this whole tax thing is done whether or not I can participate. Unless of course Jamholia wants to buy me a plane ticket, then I will go for sure. Either way, it should be a great time. Check out the UYD page here for more information. The show is June 8th 2013. Anyway, here’s some show notes for episode 600. Thanks to everyone who joined us in the chat during the live show, and to everyone who called in. It’s always a good time.

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