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Ep 131: Freestyle


“Are you tweaking? Oh no, its just parkinsons. I can never tell.”

Hello and welcome to episode 131 of the made in Montana locally owned and operated Jamhole comedy podcast. Thank you all for checking out the monday show. On tonights show, Mat and Brayden disgust such ground breaking issues like Ben freestyle rapping on Mat’s voicemail at four in the morning as per the intro, and Mat creating a rough draft track of something for the emo poetry album, as per the outro.  Then we get into a little Mat getting fifty cents back from the negative tipper, the prank phone call, and then of course Mat’s failed girl quest talk.  OOOooh Meth!!!! Then we talk about Brayden’s friend that almost got aids, and then we take our first ever skype phone call!  Fuck yea! Then of course Ben shows up, and we make him feel really bad and leave, thanks for the warning Kyle!  So then we talk about aids some more, then we do some confessions.  After that we do news, then we do clues.  News stories include: getting high with Sarah Palin, death by foot massager, teen drug abuse, and nurses turn tricks to make ends meet. Thank you to everyone who turned up for the live show, we’ll see you wednesday. Tell a friend.

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