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Ep 227: Be Cool


“I know that’s not going to accomplish anything.”

As hot as it gets in here, we manage to stay cool. Are you cool? If you listen to this show, of course you are. You have that heightened sense of awareness that only comes with being a Jamhole listener. You walk with an extra smooth demeanor because you know things other people do not. You are awareness, and it shows. People look at you and say to themselves, “Dayum, that human is totally aware of stuff.” We are quickly approaching our 250th episode, and on tomorrows show we will announce all the details. That’s right, we have finalized a venue, and the itinary is complete. Are you experienced? If not, after September 25th, you will be. We are very excited for this, and I hope to see you all here. I know we are in tough economic times, but if you have any kind of vacation time, or money saved up in a piggy bank, this will be the last and most awesome thing you do this summer. Montana is one of the most beautiful places in the US of A, not only for its scenery and comfortabilty, it’s serene calmness and affordability, but because Montana plays host to us, The Jamhole. We are Montana’s longest running, most funniest and awesome, best podcast ever. We beat the pants off those awful awkwardly sad radio hosts. We are more entertaining then most things you will find on television. But the greatest thing about The Jamhole is this. When we do live shows every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, not only do you get to sit and enjoy the show, you actually get to become part of the show. Whether it be by typing feedback into our live feedback system, calling into the live phone number, leaving messages, or just typing in the chat, we love to interact with you all, and you make the show what it is. For that we thank you, and on September 25th, we are going to PARTY SUPER PARTY! Jamhole style. I have told you all before, I have many styles, but this one is by far my most favorite.

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