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Ep 207: Rap Sheet


“Hope you saved my spot for me, cuz I’m coming back.”

Everyone has their hang ups, ticks, imperfections if you will, and that’s fine, we all have something inside of us that we are not all that proud of. Remember the saying, “No ones perfect?” ¬†Well, it’s spot on, other than the exception to the rule that is Jesus H. Christ (who in all actuality for arguments sake, most likely does not exist). Some of us have a little problem with drugs, some of us speed and flick cigarettes at cop cars when we drive, some of us like to touch little children, some of us just can’t seem to stay out of jail. That’s fine, it takes all types to make the world go around right? Of course it does, because if we were all the same, life would be way more stupid than it is now. ¬†Personally, I’ve never really had any problems like that, beings how I try to model my life after the savior of the world, but living in a valley such as the Flathead Valley, I see a broad spectrum of people in my day to day travels. From the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows we have a little something for everyone here.

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