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TJH 613: The Chubby Checker


“Is Breakin Bad a trigger for your potential relapse?”

Hello and welcome to episode 613 of the Jamhole. Another Friday has come and gone as we hold on tight careening through space on our little blue ball of rock at over 66,000 miles per hour. Dizzying if you think about it. Not to mention the rotation of the planet at the equator clocked at around 1,000 miles per hour. Everything is moving, always. All we can do as little specks of dust in the galaxy is hold on tight, and make the most fun out of our short time here. This is why we like to go camping in the summer. Here’s a link to the Google+ album of all our Ashley Lake camping pictures so far. If you are bored and like looking at pictures, there’s over 8,000 pictures in there, most of which are completely public for you to check out at your leisure.

Of course you didn’t come here for a science lesson on celestial mechanics or a walk down the dark back alley that is my memory lane picture gallery, so I’ll get on with the show notes. Honestly, from the looks of our site analytics, most of you came here because you were googling “How to fuck a cow.” Lol, I love you internet. Here’s the notes.

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