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Ep 208: Resignation


“That’s what you get bitch for holding out on me.”

People of the world come in all shapes and sizes of stupidity, from the little tiny retarded midget idiots, to the big giant down alien syndrome idiots. People seem to have the hardest time completing even the simplest of tasks. What is it about humanity that makes us struggle through the thick and the thin, putting pin holes in the condom of life. Whether you are bursting the proverbial bubble bobble head, or raining on the gay pride parade of America, people work their whole lives away and at the end of the day, they are barely able to save aside what little common cents they have managed to gather. If you stop and smell the roses and two lips of life, take a minute and reflect on what makes you crucify the christ. ┬áBurn the witches, don’t take time to save the snitches, and remember, if you burn the bridges, eventually the island will catch on to that two week old forest fire mentality. We’re all just squirrels trying to bust a fat nut in the face of adversity playing songs on the cat gut.

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