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TJH 624: Rich and Heinous


“He should honorably discharge himself.”

Hello and welcome back to another fabulous episode of our weekly comedy shit show, The Jamhole. If you listen to this show and enjoy what we do, we’re proud to consider you an official Jamholian. If not, then feel free to fuck right off. Want to secure yourself a place in the great kingdom of Jamholia? Hit up the Jamhole donate page, kick us $10 or more, and you’ll get yourself your very own @thejamhole.com email address. This can be set up to forward to any existing email service. I know it isn’t an original idea, as many have done this before, we just thought it’d be cool to start giving out email addresses so all you Jamholians. So there you have it. Donate some cash and get your AwesomeJamholian@thejamhole.com email address right now!

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