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Ep 210: Vagina Spiders


“I killed Michael fucking Jackson!”

What do you get when you have a full house, a good amount of beer, and a bunch of dirty punks playing with a purple dong from erototoys.com? You get vagina spiders. That’s right, on tonight’s episode of the jamhole, we welcome the vagina spiders to come spill beer and talk to you about the classy things in life. What a beautiful show, I told you motherfucks that if you bang the table it will show up in the recording. I’m good at editing, but I don’t think even Tom could have taken out all the bumps and bangs out of this one. No big deal though, makes it sound more raw, and as we have all learned from watching cheesy redneck type wrestling, raw is war. So I just got back from truck camping and it was amazing, so these notes are going to be short and to the point. Join us Monday evening to hear all about camping and the aftermath of having vagina spiders all up in your house.

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