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TJH 577: Cruel and Sexual Comments


“There’s incidents of being fucked up.”

Hello and welcome, episode number 577 of the Jamhole. I’m sure there would be shows more frequently, and for now once a week is all this show really deserves, but it sure is hard to find reliable people who can show up somewhere and talk. Do you think you can? I’m now accepting applications, so if you want to host this thing, you know how to get a hold of me. Is that tacky? Probably. Do I care? Not one bit. I just want to do podcasts and talk and make fun. I want to make fun and love and war. Not necessarily at the same time, you know, I wouldn’t want to get burned out or anything. But I think the show could use something new and fresh, so that I can eventually grow tired and bored of it again, hopelessly faking my way through the twists and turns that is a humanely dull and predictable human relationship. I mean a podcast. What were talking about again? Oh right, if you tune in at about 27 minutes into the show, you can hear a track off the new album I’m working on. Check out my free music on the Music page and here’s some show notes.

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