The Jamhole Ep 30


“It’s big enough so you can lick it while it’s in your ass!”

deuce some noose!

KABOOOM!!!!! Thats right bitches, and i only say bitches because i dont have the time to learn all your names. Welcome to episode 30 of this motherfuckin shit! In tonights episode we talk about my new phone, playing chicken at 80 miles per hour, an 18 year old who plots to blow up his school, a marijuana store manager gets 5 years probation, GTA IV and the shit its stirring up, a 14 month old eaten by rats… Big fucking rats, with tails… tails this fucking big! Awww yea, you get all this and so much more every monday, wednesday, and friday when you subscribe to The Jamhole.

Dont forget, the votes on podcast alley are reset, so all of you get your asses to podcast alley right now and vote for us. Get us in the top 10 again, and maybe this time, lets try and stay there for 4 hours, instead of 4 minutes. Thanks!

By Finn

Creating dope shit since the chromosome split...

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