Fatality Rates

Welcome to our ever growing list of things that have killed more people than Cannabis (Marijuana, reefer, grass, dope, etc…), yet Cannabis is still federally illegal and a schedule one substance. If you’re interested in marijuana, take a listen to our weekly cannabis fueled marijuana podcast The Hot Box for a lethal dose of intellectually thought provoking, intelligently humorous, colorfully candid cannabis conversation.

Chiropractic – A toddler was fatality injured when it got “caught up” in some malfunctioning equipment

Neck Massagers – A woman got her necklace caught up in one and it killed her. People should really be more careful.

Caffeine – Dude in UK overdoses on a couple spoons of pure caffeine powder his friend got from the internet.

Falling icicles and ice blocks – at least 5 in St. Petersburg, Russia

Michael Jackson’s Death – at least 12 so far, with more expected

Our failing economy – at least 7 so far, a man killed his wife and 5 kids, then himself because he got laid off. There are many more since the last update.

The Chinese Government – A shit load of female suicides because the Chinese government is awesome

Accidentally killing a mobsters 12 year old – at least 1 that we know of, related to the Gotti family

Taking pictures of a grasshopper – at least 1, lady slipped and fell 100 feet to her death

Global Warming – at least 1, two australian hikers were killed when a piece of ice fell and crushed them

Foot Massagers – at least 2, probably more

Black Friday – at least 1 trampled to death

Hogging the karaoke mic – at least 1, he was punched in the face then stabbed to death

Jerking and Driving – 2, a father and his son were hit by a man doing 120 mph while jerking off

Teething syrup laced with antifreeze – 25 babies so far

The Iraq War – 4,704 Deaths and Counting as of January 2010

Batman the ride – 2 Deaths

Nintendo Wii – 3 Deaths

GTA 4 – 2 or 3 Deaths

Starcraft – at least 1 for sure, but Koreans die all the time, its hard to say what from

Call of Duty 4 – 1 Death so far

Guns – 81 Deaths / day

Money – Millions of Deaths

Power – Millions of Deaths

Religion – Millions of Deaths

Being Fat – Not only do people die from being fat, but their supreme fatness actually kills other people, usually children. Obesity kills over 800 people a day

Nike AirStab Shoes – at least 15 Deaths

Fireworks – over 40 Deaths

Water – 2 Deaths from Drinking Water

Airplane Crashes – over 900 Deaths per year

Abortion – At least 115,000 per day

Church Steeples – At least 1

Work Related – over 5,000 per year

Alcohol – over 50,000 Deaths per year

Tobacco – over 400,000 Deaths per year

Hot Asphalt – At least 1, but he’s just a boy

Fair / Carnival Rides – over 1,000

Ipod – 2 deaths that we know of, a 14 year old in india killed a child for the ipod. Guy texting while walking across the street hit by two cars and was dragged over 15 miles

Driving Vehicles – over 30,000 per year

Driving Motorcycles – over 4,000 per year

Noodling – 69 per year

Facebook – 3 deaths that we know of so far

Myspace – 1 death that we know of so far

Porn – 1 death that we know of

Marijuana – 0 Deaths