Click the album art to download the FREE 15 track .zip of this old ass mixtape my friend and I made way back in the day under the name Pr0dukt. The album is called My Precious. See below for track list, and individual track downloads. Click each track to stream it from the site, or right click and save as to download to your computer. I honestly have no idea why anyone would want to listen to this, but I made it so who knows, maybe it bugs me, so enjoy it. Oh and as always, funds are always appreciated.

1 – Hell’s Gates

2 – Aggressively Living

3 – Mad Originality

4 – Lightbeams

5 – Lockdown

6 – Summoning Strength

7 – Verbose Reality

8 – Walkin These Streets

9 – Rock With Us

10 – Pledge of Defiance

11 – Mindstate

12 – Therapy

13 – Victimless Crimes

14 – It Hurts

BONUS – Hay Song

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