The Book of Matthew

The Book of Matthew

Click the album art to download the FREE 14 track .zip of Mat Lee’s first solo mixtape, The Book of Matthew. See below for a track list, and to download individual tracks. Click each track to stream it from the site, or right click and save as to download to your computer. They are completely free, but of course, funds are always appreciated.

1 – Cheating Life

2 – Mad Originality

3 – Trick of Fate

4 – Stay Free (Spoken Word)

5 – Go to Hell

6 – Famous

7 – Couch Kingdoms

8 – Judgement

9 – Piper’s Bench (Spoken Word)

10 – Writing Four

11 – Verbose Reality

12 – Where We Going?

13 – Worthless (Spoken Word)

14 – Family Ties

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