Project Survival

Project Survival

Project Survival is my 11th album. I made all the beats, wrote the raps, rapped the raps, and did the mixing and mastering. A true labor of love. I hope you enjoy it.

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Track List

1 – 8th Dimension
2 – Thinker Do
3 – The Mayans
4 – Team Work
5 – AWOL
6 – We Smoking (Feat. Tai Dye)
7 – Filthy Ideas
8 – The Great Debate
9 – Old Man Shit
10 – Downsize
11 – Soundwaves
12 – Do or Die
13 – Basket Bastards
14 – Acid Head
15 – Stick’em Up
16 – NPP
17 – Who We Are

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Beat Production, Mixing, Lyrics, and Vocals
Mat Lee
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Album Art
Ben Wilson
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Release Date: 2-22-2021

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