Ep 242: Internet Rehab


“Ask me why it’s called hanger.”

Reading this new book is really making things quite clear. Religion makes people sick. Sick to the point where after a while, their whole quality of life gets worse, and they start to become a danger to themselves, and those around them. The more religious you are, the stronger the effects all the way up to complete extremism… Crazy fucked up shit is always done in the name of some ridiculous religion with even more ridiculous myths about it.  If you only say you believe in god when someone asks you if you believe in god, then that probably doesn’t count very much. It’s the hardcore ones that are out there making a difference. Sam Harris says, “The problem with religion–as with Nazism, Stalinism, or any other totalitarian mythology–is the problem with dogma itself. I know of no society in human history that ever suffered because its people became too desirous of evidence in support of their core beliefs.” As with most of the cults we read about, blind faith can be a dangerous thing. If you even have a second guess about the mechanics of your belief system, figure that shit out! Don’t just take someones word for it, find out for yourself. But in all seriousness, if you wanna believe in god, or a god like being, then lets bring back the ancient Greek gods. They were way more interesting and fun.

  • Kicking Danni’s ass at bowling. If you bet on me and made lots of money, you’re welcome. The scores are on the forums somewhere.
  • Read about all the different ways the universe will end in Death from the Skies. It was fantastic.
  • The new book I am reading is Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris. If the God Delusion is the bible, then this book would be Luther’s Small Catechism.
  • Time for an intervention. Probably for reals this time. I know we’re all addicted, but pick something cheaper.
  • Speaking of gambling, come to thejamhole.com/contest and get your five bucks in to win the 120 gig ipod. Time is running out.
  • For $14,000 you can stay 45 days here and kick your Internet habit. My what? Oh right, my Internet habit.
  • But seriously, if you can’t stop playing video games, it’s not an addiction. You’re just a huge fucking loser. Unless of course you work for a game testing place. Then again, you’re still probably a loser.
  • We saw Gamer. It was pretty fucking awesome. I am really looking forward to that kind of technology.
  • If your house is burning down, you can probably finish jerking off later.
  • Another dismembered body found in the Detroit ghetto. Have you seen the real i sort glass retard? Check out the movie hanger.
  • Do you remember the movie The Pest? You do now!
  • Who wants to see Danni cry with another sad kitten story? Also, the movie The Hurt Locker has a quick scene of sad kittens. Fantastic.
  • So anyway, you have to see the xray of this cat. Its totally nuts. Stop stabbing cats and kittens.
  • I apologize your last name is Poindexter, but that is no excuse to rape bitches and shit.
  • Join the facebook Thugz fan page. Actually don’t, because you will get put in jail. PCC 4 Life son!
  • Danni shares a story about thuggin and getting kicked out of high school. It really is a hard knock life. We should have a facebook thug picture contest.
  • You put all the books where? Yea, but check out our awesome coffee maker.
  • Time to speak some svedish. This is how god gets rid of swine flu.
  • The perfect scam. Drive through and we’ll pray for you, ten bucks a pop. You can’t run from god sucka.
  • I have problems, deal with it. So hey, can you cut this thing off my dick?

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