Plan B

Plan B
Plan B

Plan B was released in December 2019. Support my art and check out the links to hear it.

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Track List

01 – the Intro
02 – Monsters Feat. Big Cheese
03 – Sucker Punch
04 – Hocus Pocus
05 – Killer Vibes
06 – Repetition Feat. Big Cheese
07 – Snake Oil Arcade Feat. Big Cheese
08 – Glacier Fresh Feat. Big Cheese and Chef
09 – Adventure Time
10 – Timeline Sniffer
11 – The Drifter Feat. Big Cheese
12 – Footloose
13 – The Zoo

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Beat Production
12hythm and Mok Beatz
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Album Art
Ben Wilson
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Colby Hammell aka Big Cheese dropped some nice verses on Monsters, Repetition, Snake Oil Arcade, Glacier Fresh, and The Drifter.

Blaek aka Chef did the chorus on Glacier Fresh.

Release Date: 12-13-19