Ep 299: Purple Rabbit


“Alright dude, I gotta go home, fuck mat and do the show.”

There are fewer things in life more frustrating than a great plan gone horribly wrong.

I have had so much sex in the last 10 days, I fear my penis has run away.

If you see my penis, give her my regards.

I will not give in.

Your twat is red
my dick black and blue
I am an asshole
and so are you.

  • Of course this would backfire. This isn’t over… Don’t get it twisted.
  • Let me see your penis!
  • My balls are going to fall off… Both of them. Listen closely and you will hear Danni snort.
  • Having a prostitute girlfriend is kind of a good thing. Unless she is a smart ass about it.
  • Who got new toys and a beer from Erototoys.com? Danni recommends the purple rabbit, I would go with the fleshlight. XXXTREME DILDOS!
  • Rome would have been a cool place to live back in the day. Whatever gets done with one god? Jack fucking shit.
  • I will never admit defeat.
  • When your girlfriend sighs when she’s sucking your dick, that means hurry the fuck up. Is that in the katg book?
  • Hey Purdue pharma, I did my own little experiment on oxycontin, and my results contradict your results. We should really sit down and compare notes.
  • If you give birth to an opiate addicted junky baby, please kill the baby, and then yourself. Talk about a handicap.
  • Please keep your hair out of my soup. No, it was not pubic hair.
  • Please don’t ever put glitter lipstick on my dick again. Are you fucking twelve?
  • If you played a dead body on CSI, what would you want to have died from? Besides drug overdose of course.
  • You should thank British Airways for making you sit away from the child… Unless you are a child molester. Only a child molester would be mad about that.
  • You broke my nativity scene. It’s ok, I’m a hoarder, so I have more. Your place makes me not want to live in my place. You disgusting fuck.
  • Way to turn this whole little over seas skirmish into a full blown religious war. Putting coded bible references on high power rifle sights. Go god!
  • Why did you rip your friends testicles off? Better question, why were you fondling your friends balls? See, bro rape is real. I told you. Twist and shout?
  • If you want to rape someone and not get caught, rape the elderly. Otherwise, stop raping the elderly. It’s gross. Go Texas!
  • What Would Jamhole Do? You always have a choice. The smart ass option.
  • Go buy the Jamhole 250th episode. Remember that? It was our first live audience show, so check it out and help us pay some bills. See you at the 300th!