Ep 306: The R Word


“I should be offended, look at what came out of your wife’s vagina.”

Holy fucking shit, have I mentioned how fucking sore I am? My route Wednesday wasn’t so bad, it consisted of an 80 mile drive, six stops, then another 80 mile drive back. But today is 40 stops, up and down stairs. I’m walking like a fucking retard, pardon me… Like a fucking R word. I hope it’s just that dodgeball uses muscles that delivering water does not use. Because if not, then that means I am getting to old for this shit. Only time will tell. Anyways, if you like the show, please consider helping fund my next hip hop album. I am going to make a legit album, with beats I purchased that have been professionally made. As much as I like the thug appeal of jacking fools for their beats, I feel if I want to take this to the next level, I’m going to have to spend some money. We do this show out of our own pocket (well, my pocket), and there is a lot of expense that goes into it. So please, if you enjoy what we’re doing here, if you like the emo poetry sessions, and the Book of Matthew, consider donating to help me get these beats paid for. Let’s just say I need about a couple grand. If each listener donates ten bucks, that will more than pay for the beats. It’s tax time, so if you’ve been wanting to donate to the show, now would be the perfect time. If you want something more than free comedy shows three days a week for your money, you can also go to our store and get some Jamhole church stickers, the 250 showJamhole shirts, and / or the Book of Matthew. Thank you guys so much, we are coming up on our two year anniversary February 18th. That’s right, we have been at this whole funny podcast talk show thing for damn near two years. Thank you everyone for the support you’ve shown us, and please keep spreading the word. Also, I’m putting a press kit together to try and sucker attract some sponsors, so if you enjoy the show, please make sure you are subscribed in itunes or whatever podcatcher you use, make sure you are a member of the forums, as well as the facebook group. Also, make sure you are following the jamhole twitter account, and Danni’s twitter account. Last and probably least, make sure you are all voting for us on podcast alley each month. Thanks again, and we’ll see you Friday for episode 307.

  • Welcome back Danni, I sure did miss you.
  • Is it possible that girls who work at hooters are just playing the role of the dumb dunce? Or are they really just that stupid?
  • Tell us about your trip. How’s your ex boyfriend doing? How’s the rock chip in your windshield?
  • I will never cheat on you because I don’t ever want a qtip shoved into my pee hole. Ever! If you are going to fuck me, I need a clean bill of health, signed and notarized.
  • Dodgeball was awesome. Yes, I am still sore as fuck. You can check the four quick dodgeball videos I made here on the Jamhole youtube account. This is some serious shit.
  • Black Dynamite! What a great movie. Nothing takes your mind off of how sore your body is like smoking some chronic and watching Black Dynamite. Great shit!
  • Hey Toyota, what the fuck is the problem? Did you not get enough bail out money or something?
  • Only people who have retarded children are offended by the word “Retard.” This fucking retard is going to waste some tax dollars trying to get people to stop saying the R word.
  • Scientologists, you fucking suck. You have the worst belief system ever. You are the equivalent of me starting a religion based on serenity or firefly. News flash, you CANNOT heal people just by touching them. If you believe that, you are a fucking retard. Don’t touch me…
  • Speaking of retards, if you think MMR vaccines cause autism, you are a fucking retard. Dr. Wakefield is in a little bit of shit for lying. I told you so! What do you have to say now Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey? You should have been a Scientologist, that way you could just touch your retarded child to heal him. Nice retraction.
  • Take better care of your children, or have more abortions. You and your kids were living in literal SHIT. You disgust me.
  • In these tough economic times, if you dump out three twat turds, your best course of action is to kill them and yourself. Nice work!
  • Dog on dog sex! It doesn’t get much better than this. Check out her picture, she kinda looks like Cartman.
  • Stabbing your kids to death. See, we’re not the only ones who don’t like kids.
  • This is what happens when you have too many stupid dogs. You end up dying, and the dogs feast on your dead stinking corpse. If you can’t care for yourself, you probably can’t care for a bunch of stupid annoying barky dogs.
  • The Jamhole bro of the week!!! Throwing animal semen on girls. Fuck yes.
  • Coming soon from The Jamhole… The for real-do. It sounds better than it looks. Labrina Brown will be our spokesho. TM! The for real-do is for real hoes.
  • Please please please, help this nigga get his beats out of lay away. Thank you!
  • Give us a vote on podcast alley. You know, for the fuck of it.

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