Ep 307: Red Tide


“You have a cat in your pants.”

A couple of weeks ago, I was kind of annoyed that my pipe was so clogged with resin, I couldn’t really smoke through it. I was even thinking of cleaning it the fuck out. But then, I was stopped by a thought of how much more annoying it is when you run out of weed. Especially when you live pay check to pay check and pay day is another week away. So let’s go buy a new bong. Sure, why the fuck not. The only bong I have is one we got when we made the jamhole salvia videos. It’s a cheap little acrylic bong, covered in Jamhole and Katg stickers. Well, the one thing I forgot about when buying a new bong, is that you really want to use the fuck out of it once you get home. Another key piece of information is that bongs use a shitload of weed, especially when you spend your weekends chilling at home on the computer working on website shit, or writing fat dope rhymes in your rhyme book. Double that if you have a friend over who is just as big of a stoner as you are. Multiply that by the fact that when you get a new bong, you want to smoke out of it as much as possible, feeling out the percolation, mastering each and every curve, adapting to it’s dimensions, getting lost in the shapes and colors of the hand blown glass. Divide that shit by how much weed you have left, and that equals scrounging for resin Sunday night. Fast forward to about ten minutes ago. 10:38pm Sunday night… I am really super glad that the pipe was so clogged a couple of weeks ago, and I just left it. Yea, I think that was the point of this, to teach you the core lesson of “Waste not, want not.” And also to fill up about 300 words or so, so we can move on to the show notes.

  • Always remember, you can watch the live shows on the go with your Android or Iphone Ustream app. If you are near a computer, just check out thejamhole.com/live.
  • Danni is having more weird “she thinks she’s pregnant dreams.” I guess that means the subliminal suck more cock thoughts are completely backfiring.
  • Beats for babies. Help me get my beats out of lay away, before I have to start selling babies.
  • Danni’s on the rag. You can go ahead and put that in your menstrual cycle app. If you are weird like me, keeping track…
  • A movie about a ghost on the rag… speaking of bitches on the rag. I’m not allowed to watch your religion in action, because of it’s violent content. Here’s the trailer!
  • I can’t find whatever the hell that cat thing Danni was talking about. She’s crazy. Nevermind, here it is! This is part 1.
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  • Thanks for the sweet cruzers to thejamhole.com/pobox!
  • I give you my best Josh from Bigmouths podcast impression.
  • WwjD!! Your first 35 years of sex, or your last? If you wanna play along, check the forums. The good doctor took a few minutes and posted them all in the everything else section.
  • Check the new poll! Should I spend real money on real beats?
  • I have never seen such amazing chronic. Good weed and the first ep of the new season of Lost, made me pass the fuck out. By the way, does anyone have any idea what year it is in the new season of Lost? Just curious if anyone knows.
  • If you get paid like a dishwasher, then fuck them. Just wash dishes.
  • The cat is not doing her job. I found a spider crawling on me. I am not pleased.
  • In these oh so tough economic times, sometimes you have to sell pictures of your little daughter to make ends meet.
  • I do not have a lisp. If I had a lisp, this is what I would sound like. Please stop fagging it up.
  • Please stick to the script. “This rechiper faggot is pissing me off,” is not part of the script.
  • I love a good six person murder / suicide. I know there is a 666 in there, which means the devil made him do it. The devil and this horrible economy.
  • Making bank off god. Sweet un-taxable big bucks no whammies bank. This is the loss of an entire family of pure profit. Let us pray.
  • Hey Levi Lusko, thank you for buying BOTH downtown movie theaters, and turning them into churches. How’s all your untaxed salary? Doing ok I hope? Let me know when you get your own private jet, if you haven’t already. Please stop turning everyone into mindless zombies.
  • Freaking the fuck out ON COCAINE! Blow for blow for blow.
  • If you swallow those bags of cocaine and heroin, the cops will get a search warrant for your bowels. Don’t take it there. This is why I would never be a cop. Also, if you are a chick, your twat WILL eat through the baggy.
  • Danni has hid shit in her twat. I just wanted to reiterate that point. Personally, I hide my dick in her twat.
  • Did he get the words “Why Try” before, or after he became a transient? I’m going to guess right before. You are fucking retarded.
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