Ep 347: Sex Addict


“I don’t wish I was there, but thank you for the post card.”

Nothing is going all that well in the world, so why should my life be any better. I try to do what I feel in my heart to be right, but it rarely ever is. Perhaps I should start doing the opposite of what my heart tells me to do. I’ll show him. Some people simply weren’t meant to be together, but I don’t think that’s the case. Honestly, I have no idea what the case is, or what it contains. I don’t know much of anything at the moment. Like I’ve reverted back to a simplistic form of autopilot. Eyes puffy, nose runny, contemplating exactly what the fuck has gone wrong this past week. Hindsight right? Yea, right… I don’t know what to do. Is it right that I have to give up everything while she gives up nothing? Is it fair that I am willing to do anything she wants me to do for her, but that feeling is not passed back to me? I don’t think it is, but that’s how much I love her. I’m willing to give up my favorite thing just so I can be with her. But then I think about that, and it makes me upset. Why should I have to give up my favorite thing? I mean fuck, it’s my favorite thing! I do everything I can to make her happy, why doesn’t she do the same? I guess if relationships were easy, everyone would have one. But still, I’ve never been one to just walk away from a challenge, the problem is we are both very stubborn people. Which goes back to my point about me making all the changes to suit her needs, and her not really changing much of anything to suit mine. But regardless of what happens, I love her with all my heart, or at least the pieces I’ve picked up off the floor and scraped off her shoe in order to glue back together into something that once, might have resembled my blood pumping organ. Hearts are very important, broken ones as well as whole ones. I heard a wise man once say, “Kid, you gotta have heart to make it in this world.” Well no shit, if you don’t have heart, you are basically nothing more than a lifeless zombie doomed to wander the world in an endless search for BRAINS! Wish us luck, and please feel free to send any and all comments on the matter to info@thejamhole.com. We would love to hear your thoughts on this whole thing. Thank you.

  • We both apologize for missing a show. We have a pretty good track record of doing shows on a set schedule, but hey, sometimes shit happens.
  • Let’s pour out some non alcoholic liquor for the pingbot. He’s once again relapsed. Let’s be honest, we all kind of saw that coming.
  • Android running on the iphone, and windows 95 running on the ipad. I said windows 98 on the podcast, that’s my mistake. Windows 95 is much better right? That’s not really something to be proud of. What does that say for the iphone OS?
  • Keep the post cards coming! You can send them to our po box. Thank you Amham and Doug, and thank you to berger for sending us the awesome disguises.
  • Well, everything was cool, then it was not cool, then it was cool again, and then it was not cool. As of right now, I have no idea about anything.
  • I am a sex addict, and she doesn’t really care about sex. So, what do we do now? I hate jerking off, especially when I have a girlfriend, but we all do things we don’t want to do.
  • I’m not going to say anything else about this, for fear that things will get even worse. You can just listen to the episode, form your own opinions, then send them to us. Or don’t.
  • There are seven days in a week. Pick at least three of those days to try and make your boyfriend / girlfriend sexually happy. They will thank you, trust me.
  • Let’s do a little risk management. What’s the worst possible thing that could happen?
  • In a relationship where two people are really in love with each other, there should be no shame, ever.
  • What is the one thing in the world that man cannot do for themselves? It’s probably for a good reason we can’t suck our own dicks. If we could, nothing would ever get done.
  • Check the show notes from episode 346 to read about the nazi movies that are being screened here in the valley. It’s funny to know that this racist is now in jail with the people she hates. Karma bitch.
  • I’m pretty much hooked on Stargate Atlantis. What a cool fucking show. If only we had stargate technology. My life would be complete.
  • Guess who started a local podcast here? That’s right, the guy from the beacon. Check it out here and tell him how we could have done it much better. We’ll stay away from your dying media medium if you stay away from our blossoming media medium.
  • Check the new Sage Francis album Li(f)e. I like it a lot.
  • Fags are coming to town with their loud ass bikes. Just go the fuck away, no one likes you anymore.
  • Firebombing medical marijuana dispensaries in billings. Not in our town! Are you fucking kidding me? Please evolve with the rest of us.
  • Happy anniversary birth control! Hey dumb people, stop living. If you listen to the Jamhole, and you know someone who is dumb, you tell them I said to stop living.
  • Has anyone ever gotten sick from licking their touch screen phones? I’m kind of scared now.
  • Does your pet have an unsightly butthole? Well, fear no more, you can get a B-hole cover!
  • Setting up traps in the playground for the kids. It’s a scavenger hunt. Mommy, why are razor blades the only thing on our scavenger hunt list? This is where Danni’s heart really shines through.
  • If you have an ex girlfriend, and she has some hispanish in her, don’t ever get into a car with her, especially if you are driving. You might end up missing your penis.
  • I have no idea about anything, but we are doing some live hip hop tonight at the Palace in Whitefish for Lyrickal’s sister’s birthday. Come join us if you are local. If not, hopefully we’ll see you for the Friday episode.

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