Ep 348: Amateur Hour


“I don’t want to see you lick your own semen.”

Don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from┬álove. Such true words from the doctor of love himself, Leo Buscaglia. Leo was born in 1924, and I’m curious what it was like for him back in his prime, elegantly boning down on mid forties house wives, sneaking into their bedrooms mid day while husbands were at the office or factory bringing home the bread so to speak. Ah to be in your early twenties during the forties and fifties, experiencing everything life had to offer a young strapping lad back then. God┬ádammit, smoking cigarettes was so fucking sexy back then. Now every time we light one up, people stare at us like we’re smoking crack or something. Anyways, they had no shortage of war to keep everyone busy and the economy rising. It was an interesting time, especially when the threat of impending nuclear fallout was on the tip of everyone’s tongues. For those twenty years, it seems like all you really read about in the history books (wikipedia) is the wars. It makes me wonder when people read about our history, if there will be the same amount of focus on war as there is when we read about previous times. I mean fuck, we’re doing some pretty cool fucking shit technologically speaking, and I would be super pist if all that made it into the history books was the war in the middle east. So yea, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I really don’t have shit to write about, and I need to get some stuff taken care of for the marijuana podcast. We finally have a name for it. It’s going to be called The Hot Box. Keep an eye out for episodes to start being released sometime in the next few weeks. I still have to theme the blog and create the pages, and finish the graphics, but we’re very excited for this, and if you are into anything marijuana related, this will be the podcast for you. If you have some skills and some spare time you’d like to volunteer for the Hot Box, we could use some graphic / web design help. Just figured I would throw that out there, I know for a fact we have some really talented listeners. Email info@thejamhole.com if you are that person.

  • Let me let you in on a little secret. We’re just fucking with you. Figure it out. It’s not our fault you guys like drama. It’s human nature, I don’t blame you. I don’t think anyone knows what to believe now. That makes this that much more fun.
  • Happy birthday to Lyrickal’s sister. Thanks to everyone that came out and partied with us at the Palace. It was a blast.
  • Doug writes in with a very heart felt letter. I’m sorry Doug. Fuck you Doug! Blame Danni, it was her idea. Dude, you actually made me feel bad.
  • Since we are totally in a position to give other people relationship advice. Why the fuck not. I checked their facebook status today, and they broke up. You win some, you lose some.
  • I’m just going to write rhymes while you’re fishing. Charlie clown in the chat might be our tallest listener. If you think you can beat him, let us know. He makes me want to start a basketball team.
  • Rapping at the Palace bar. We all had a good time, except at the end when the birthday girl got arrested. Apparently they released her a couple hours later, so that’s good. Say no to drugs. Or at least to doing drugs in a wide open bathroom.
  • God Fearing Women played some seriously funky shit at the Palace. Good times. I would love to make some hip hop with you guys playing live instruments.
  • The freshest sex move in my sex repertoire. How did we end up on the floor? Because I’m just that smooth, that’s how. When I cum I could give a fuck less if we keep fucking. Just so you know.
  • We have so much content, we let Josh from Bigmouths borrow some. I want that back when you’re done with it. We are a choose your adventure podcast. Joe was very insightful. Josh was very amusing.
  • Did you know we recorded a live audience show for our 250th episode? Check it out here. It’s only 5 bucks.
  • For real, I did not push her down the stairs.
  • Happy birthday to Danni’s friend’s baby. How does your vagina feel?
  • 58,000 pictures is a problem. You weren’t just looking for a stolen laptop were you?
  • Kick Ass was a pretty cool movie. How much can you stand to suspend your belief? Even for a super hero-esque movie. Only because in real life I would totally kick an eight year old’s ass.
  • We have a lot of war happening right now. Let’s focus on the failing drug war. At least they can admit that it was a total failure. Maybe if you throw some more money at it, something will change. Can you fathom a trillion dollars? This is your brain… this is your brain after you realize your government wasted a trillion dollars.
  • I could have sworn the gun was NOT loaded. I guess that’s why you are a thug and not a high energy particle physicist. We all have something we’re good at.

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