Ep 357: The Next Level


“Invite her over and fuck her.”

Have you ever heard of scareware? Well I hadn’t either until today. I’ve heard of what the new term is doing, I was just unaware they gave it a stupid name like scareware. Basically if you use a computer at all, you’ve probably run into some scareware at some point and time. It’s that little “official installed program” looking box that pops up when you’re checking out content that may not necessarily be deemed socially acceptable in some circles, that says WARNING, YOUR COMPUTER IS FUCKED. I’m paraphrasing of course, but you get the idea. If people knew what the fuck antivirus program they were using, you would realize that this pop up looks nothing like it. But since people are on autopilot most of the time, or they just don’t care, scams like this work, and they work well. Microsoft has said they have already cleaned nearly 8 million computers with their Malicious Software Removal Tool. Hey Microsoft, if you didn’t make such an easily exploitable operating system in the first place, we wouldn’t have near the problems we have. I blame you, and the idiots that are clicking on this shit enabling it to spread like herpes in a frat house. They should have named it suckaware or foolware or better yet, pwndware, because the second your brain kicks into over drive running through all the different possibilities of consequences you may end up facing because of the nasty fucked up shit you were looking at online, you click the button, and before you know it, you’re making deals with the devil to make sure no one finds out how much you suck at the Internet while the virus is taking over your system. Again, this is borderline social engineering at it’s finest. The greatest part about it, is that you probably didn’t have a virus or trojan on your computer to begin with until you clicked that fake antivirus message. Then on top of that, some people are actually giving this scareware their credit card information. You just paid to get your computer hacked and completely fucked up, how does it feel? I think the “powers that be” should code up some scareware of their own, but instead of scamming you out of money, it sends a message back to headquarters, and depending on if you clicked the fake pop up or not, decides if you are allowed to use computers anymore. Might as well make it a multi purpose application, and if you clicked on it, you also lose your privilege to reproduce, and drive. Three birds, one stone.

  • You should watch the podcast live if you can, we added a third cam for the guests. Let us also welcome Shaun back to the show. He’ll probably be on a little more often, seeings how he now lives with us.
  • Danni had her first day at work, and from the sound of it, she missed it.
  • A little friendly room mate bickering that goes to a very horrible place. We also interrupt the fuck out of Danni. She loves it, although she pretends she hates it. Do you have any idea how annoying that is?
  • It’s good to be the boss, because that means you don’t have to clean up the mess at the end of the night. Danni makes a good boss.
  • With all the high profile break ups happening, we hired a live in counselor. Actually, he will be paying us to live here, but he will be counseling us on our sex life. I wish I was a fan of this show at this point and time, because I have a feeling it’s about to get good.
  • The real reason Shaun moves in is so he can bum smokes on a more regular basis.
  • I like my obscure inappropriate humor, so go fuck yourself.
  • Shaun outlines the finer points of love. It’s basically one of the biggest scams in the world. I see why everyone is doing it.
  • Charlieclown calls in with a question about love. What is the next step after sexting? Skype video calls of course! Duh! Forward those pictures to info@thejamhole.com
  • Shaun begged for a job, got the job, then quit his first day. I have a feeling he’s probably going to regret that. Especially if his construction job doesn’t work out.
  • Listen up fatties, we have a Jamhole summer fashion tip. Don’t wear white. It’s disgusting, and revealing as fuck.
  • I love these pants, but I have mad camel toe. Thanks for sharing that with the class.
  • I found a dog I could finally relate to.
  • Well, the oil has finally reached Florida. I called that shit! We try and talk about currents and pressure systems, but we had no idea what we were talking about. I was doing an homage to the Bigmouths podcast. So what do you think, was this a conspiracy? Email info@thejamhole.com
  • Josh calls in and talks about something he actually knows a little something about. A little experience goes a long way.
  • If you find yourself addicted to sex, you need to check out Pornnation. Click the about link, if you can find it. This guy is such a D-BAG! In other news, Melissa Lee is the hottest CNBC news anchor ever. You could tell in her documentary Porn, the business of pleasure she really wanted to get down on a porn. We support you Melissa!
  • The 24 hour feed of the oil leak. It’s the depression cam. Check it out!
  • A Whidden graduates high school, and it’s a glorious thing! Congratulations to Danni’s brother. You made it.
  • The jello wrestling fundraiser at the Wolf Den bar in Polson didn’t exactly go as plan. We’ll talk about it tonight.
  • Shaun gives a shout out to his dad. Come back safe.
  • Stealing used diapers because you are a weird creepy fuck. You know you can order that shit on the internet, nice and discrete. What you did is not nice, or discrete.
  • Click here to take the sex survey we took on the show. We are all freaky sex addicts.
  • Thank you all for listening, leave us a message for the Monday ep at 406.204.4687 or email info@thejamhole.com. Follow us on twitter, facebook, myspace, youtube, tumblr, and posterous.

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