Ep 378: Reverse Psycho


“You can’t be a priest and do that shit.”

It’s a beautiful damn near ninety degree day here in the Flathead Valley, so rather than come straight home and do the show notes like you would all like me to do, I said fuck it, and went for a bike ride. I don’t feel one bit bad about it either, so there. Plus, you have plenty of other shit to read on the internet, so stop crying please. It’s going to be ok. One day, when I have more time for both podcasts, a hip hop “career hobby” and bike riding, I’ll write better notes. Until then, just listen to the fucking show, and keep your head up. Everything is going to be ok.

  • Thank you for the connection problems Bresnan. You really make it a pleasure to do an internet radio show. Now listen as Shaun and Danni try to fill time while I fixed shit.
  • If you are sick, or have a disease that is contagious, DO NOT come to my place. Thank you. The next person that gets me sick is getting a kick to the cunt. You have been warned.
  • Danni finally had sex with someone that’s not me! Let’s all send her congratulatory messages to her twitter and facebook. Right ON!
  • So it’s ok for Danni to bring up my personal life, but don’t ever try to bring hers up. I’ll keep that in mind.
  • Lil Fstr, you don’t see a problem with this on your plates? Maybe my mind is just in the gutter.
  • Shaun, this isn’t biological war, this is a friendship. If you want to go to war, we can do that.
  • War is not Christ’s way. Are you sure about that? Have you ever read the bible? I rest my case.
  • If you have never seen or heard of Ghetto Fights, you have to check that shit out. It really does wonders for the whole African American community.
  • So now we have babies born already pre addicted to opiates like Oxycontin and Vicodin. That’s really helpful. If you have a baby like that, do your baby a favor and kill it.
  • You should let me do the meth commercials for you. Because the ones you make are fucking stupid.
  • This is what happens when redneck’s get bored and have access to highly combustible fuels. It never even occurred to you that this might explode? Hidda Hadda Herdda!
  • Gay sex is alive and well in the Catholic church hierarchy. As if you really needed any more negative press all up the ass of your bullshit hypocrite religious cult.
  • This is what happens when you indoctrinate children into your bullshit hypocrite religious cult. Once they actually figure out what is really going on, they will come back with a vengeance.
  • So you have two uteri, and a baby in each. Your life is completely OVER if you don’t abort… If you know what I mean. Read the comments on the page of this story. They are pretty priceless.
  • Killing your autistic children so that in the future, perhaps you can have normal children. I honestly don’t see the problem with this.
  • Throwing Pee Pee at the cops, after trying to run over her ex boyfriend at ye old trailer park.
  • What a fantastic bunch of fucked up stories, thank you to all the people in the world doing fucked up shit we can talk about. You really make this show what it is.
  • Remember, RSVP for the second annual Jamhole Live Show! You can do that on the forums or the facebook group. If you want to see footage from last years show, check out the 250 page. It’s called that, because it was episode 250.

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