Ep 442: Jamhole NYE Special part 3


“See, us being on this shit, is like you ALL the time.”

Wow, if you made it this far, I’m very impressed. You must be a hardcore Jamholian. Congratulations to you, and to us for making it alive and well (for the most part) to a new year. Of course, this is part 3, ending the night with Danni, Brayden, and myself… Well, I kind of check in and out on this part, so it’s mostly them. ENJOY!

  • I don’t even know what the fuck we talked about, I know we talked about MDVP some more of course, putting drugs in your butt because pills have a higher bio-availability up your asshole. I think somewhere in here Brayden gives us a tip on what to do if your girl has bad nasty breath. That was pretty helpful.
  • If you listen in towards the end, we play for the very first time, the new track entitled “Sleep” off this new album we’re working on. Tell Danni and Brayden to stop talking over my hip hop. That’s not polite. Oh fuck it, let’s all sing along!
  • This has been the Jamhole bringing you a 40 minute long test of patience. Enjoy!

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