Ep 482: Cow Zero


“I just think it would be funny to watch you eat a salad.”

Doing some notes. LIKE A BOSS!

  • We’re dying. All of us. On the inside. So now we’re both sick, I’m sure that’s really super fun for you guys to listen to.
  • Yes, I don’t do well with getting sick, mainly because I don’t have much experience with it. It’s world war fucking ten up in this piece.
  • Here it is, the first stage of the zombie apocalypse¬†bringing super bug. That’s what you get for using antibiotics¬†all willi nilli. Yea, apparently this was so awesome, we talked about it, or things like it, for pretty much the whole show.
  • The world’s oldest man died in Montana. He was 114 years old. Can you imagine living that long and seeing the changes he saw. Technology blows minds once again.
  • Yep and that’s an episode of the Jamhole. See you next time!

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