Ep 502: Doctor Happy Death


“They still fuck their cousins in Texas ok, let’s not set that as the gold standard shall we?”

Holy shit we must be getting old. Let’s take a second out of our busy self important day to pour out a little liquor for the good doctor, Jack Kevorkian. He brought a peaceful, quiet end to a whole lot of suffering, and was even prosecuted for his good deeds. It figures, we’ve created a society so full of self righteous religious ridiculousness, that some of us can’t seem to see past our own moral hang ups… Regardless of if they came from god or from logical common sense. Every now and then a man / woman comes along who is on such a higher level of reality that the masses minds get collectively pulled out of their asses, and then completely blown. It’s a beautiful thing when it happens. Just like it happened when the rapture failed to, just like it will happen in October when the… Rapture… Fails again. ANYWAYS… Read some notes. Follow along with the episode and experience the podcast fully.

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  • Congrats to the mother bunnies and the mother bunny fuckers, because we have gone from five full grown bunnies to baby bunnies! That means at night here on the Jamhole Ranch there is crazy beast bunny sex going on. Nice.
  • The Big Bang was a pretty cool movie. But then again, I’ve trained myself not to expect much from films. Just like when we watched the Hangover II. You know, this is the guy I was thinking of who’s name I couldn’t remember. The guy that always plays a douche bag. He does it well though. His name is William Fichtner. Oh, and Juilliard IS the school of acting I was thinking of. I know that, because it is at the top of this list.
  • That’s right, with heavy hearts and tearful eyes, we pour out a little liquor for Doctor Happy Death himself, Jack Kevorkian. What do you think about the legacy this man left behind? Was it the right thing to do? Let’s discuss. The forums or the comments at the bottom of the notes here would be the place to do that. Would you want to be resuscitated if you accidentally die?
  • Danni shares with us some of her favorite things. These include but are not limited to cutting open the stomachs of animals she just killed to see what they had eaten.
  • That’s right, our freedom is dying, one stupid piece of unconstitutional legislation at a time. Let’s start out in Tennessee. If you watch movies with your friends, you might get sued now. Thanks! Life in jail for everyone! Let’s all DEMAND PROGRESS! These guys do good work.
  • Next we have a 73 year old man… Shooting heroin. Funny Danni. He actually killed his wife and her four friends then himself. See, this is why people should never get married. All it does once the magic dies, is makes people want to kill each other. I mean seriously, he shot that bitch IN THE FACE!
  • A man gets blasted through a hole the size of a CD… AND SURVIVED! This sounds like a case for the good doctor. It’s too bad he’s dead now. Do you remember the fun factory? Man, those were the good old days.
  • I’m sorry, lately I just don’t have time to sit and dedicate two fucking hours to a film that isn’t really that good anyways. And stop talking about shooting up. Thank you.
  • Now check this out. Chile is heating up the place with a terrorist who LITERALLY blew his hands off. Possible Darwin award nominee? You fucking know it!
  • Do you know why we pulled you over? Littering and? No idiot, because you were hauling some ass. Five miles per hour ass. This is why you should always get a good friend who is trained in the ways of driving while tripping to taxi you around. Clearly you were not trained properly. Once again, I blame Hollywood.
  • A woman who was fucking in the graveyard, gets hurt by a tombstone. Woops. A charcoal rubbing with her vagina. Hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes.
  • T minus eight minutes until enchilada time! Fuck they were good.
  • Hey, stay here little buddy. Just sit tight in the car with this dead body. They aren’t going anywhere, it’s ok. You left a twenty month old in the car with your dead friend 33 year old Jessica Ockman. That is FUCKING NO!
  • Another possible Darwin Award nominee. These kids were sixteen years old, and fell into a sixteen foot deep cesspool. Coincidence? I think not. Look at the picture of the cesspool. If you look at it right, it kind of looks like a dirty asshole.
  • Look at these gents. The one in the middle is making a face. He looks like Parker Lewis. These kids tortured the fuck out of a twenty year old. Not nice. Not nice at all.
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