Ep 516.4: Lazy and Crazy


“That just goes to show you, you can buy health, if you can afford it.”

This is my personal favorite. We actually get Adam Hiniker AND Joe Cocozzello from Ear Candy New York. Remember when they used to be together and host a podcast together? Yea, me too. Let’s try to recreate that magic. Listen as we get them both in on a call for part four of this god awful abomination. Welcome to part four, the relation-shit hour.

– Yea, we did that. And this is why two guys can’t raise kids. Fuck that was fun, can you imagine? Oh yea, and no one could hear phone calls because we tried to hook up another mixer into the mix. That was probably not the greatest idea. We should have tested better.

– Let’s welcome my brother Marc, Brayden, and Chris from Anna’s back to the podcast marathon. We created the Jamhole Live Wall for this special occasion. Check back every now and then to see some of our besties all up on the live streams, and if you want your account added there, email info@thejamhole.com.

– Do you feel it is natural to expect two human beings to live together forever? The answer is NAH DUDE.

– Remember, Saturday, August 13th is our third annual live show. Shit is going down!

– Let’s do some local fucking Craigslist. Did you know we had so many closet gays here? I sure didn’t. Did I mention you can buy a dicks shirt?

– Remember, when you eat Wendy’s everyday, sometimes you need an ArbyQ!

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