Ep 148: Fury


“At some stage you’re gonna unleash the beast.”

Hello and welcome episode 148 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. Of course live video was broken, so this time, we took matters into our own hands… and made a backup. From now on when livevideo is fucked, go to thejamhole.com/backup and thats where the live show will be. Every good thing needs a backup. So we start off the showing talking about that, then we play a voicemail from twentysix , then we do a couple emails that were sent including a poem written by Andrew Marsh, some douche that went to high school with Johnny from Tucson. Thank you very much for that.

After that we talk about the deep dark depression that is Mat’s life, and how he is going to deal… or no deal, which leads into how Mat almost had to kill someone earlier today, which in turns leads us into talking about google street view killing deer, with pictures! After that we talk about citigroup asking for bailout money then buying luxury private jets. Then we get into some craigslist ads that will probably never get answered, which leads into some fuck my life, then confessions, then news, then clues.

News stories include: Making the ultimate sacrifice, on the altar! Raping your male best friend. The CIA chief double dipping in the hot chocolate dip that is muslim algerian women, and finally, hiding the dynamite near your cock and balls… You know, to muffle the sound. Thank you everyone that joined us for the live show, we had a blast as usual, and we will be back Monday with episode 149.

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