Ep 531: Magic Smoke


“We actually came out on top of this one.”

Lightning crashes and sometimes it hits a little too close to home. Sorry, I’m not wasting my writing on these notes much, I have a rap album to finish. But fear not, I won’t completely neglect you. I love the show, it’s my first love, sitting here on third base. So that’s fun, and besides, there’s only so many hours in a day, and I should probably be doing something else.

Let’s talk about the B SOD. We were recently visited by the lightning fairy, so of course it’s time for a bug check. Speaking of the blue screen, let’s talk about where it came from and what it means. Let’s over analyze the blue screen if you will.

– So just going to throw this out there, but when I put out there that the computer was fucked and we could use some help getting new RAM for it, the only two people that pitched in were Hot Box listeners. SO do you give a fuck about this or not really? Just curious so I can adjust my motivation accordingly.

– So new RAM turns into a full on tower transplant. Yea, I did that. And yea, I got stoned, and yea, it took me the majority of the evening.

– The ten year anniversary of nine eleven is coming up. That also just so happens to be Danni’s parents anniversary.

– Call me crazy, but this is the biggest video card I’ve seen in a while. Look at this fucker dude. Please stop yawning.

– Manufacturers know we are all dumb. I need to be able to build a computer like legos. Don’t get stoned when playing with your computer. Especially when you are swapping towers.

– Do you remember who Steven Seagal is? Yea, he’s still doing that Lawman show. He killed a dog on his last raid. I need you all to look at his face here. He looks legit sad that he killed a dog. Maybe the dog was dealing drugs. You don’t know.

– Please stop yawning. Fuck I hate when this happens. It’s hard to do. So hard.

– This is what happens when the elderly are free to roam our streets… in vehicles. He was chasing his brother. Some grumpy old men meets the duke boys chase. I’m pretty sure they blew some minds that day.

– Germany is doing great things in the world of sex for hire. Good stuff indeed. If Danni doesn’t get a job soon, we might just have to move there. Put her ass to work. You know what I mean.

– Italian guys do not give a fuck, when they are in the home court advantage. They are mad gropers.

– Hey, guess who has AIDS? Oh shit, not this again. I just assume everyone in porn has aids. Just kidding.

– If you can’t find a job, you can either go sell sex in Germany, or go join the U.S. military. I’m pretty sure they are desperate enough to take anyone at this point. Let’s go sign up dick! They wouldn’t take you because they thought you were gay.

– All I want is for you to get a job. Tomorrow, the word of the day is job. Three day weekend coming up, and now it’s over. Well, now that I’m typing this.

– No, we did not find the glasses. Everything is my fault.

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