Ep 149: Last Laugh


“Everyone else told me to go fuck myself”

Hello and welcome episode 149 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. Once again we had to do the show on the backup. You may think because live video was broken, nay, live video was working for camsluts66779 or who ever the fuck but i guess since we aren’t slutty bitches with our snatches hanging out we can’t stream our show, so fuck us. We start off the show with Mat helping the less fortunate people he works with, first contact with an alien race of hobbit retards, Mat thinks the add for the new move 2012 is real, and Mat’s new love interest turns out to actually be a girl.

After that we read some fuck my life,  anonymous confessions, we do some news news, then we do some clues. News stories include: a guy cutting his breast implants out of his ex-girlfriend’s tits, a mom, dad, and son stab three cops, and a condom eating baby. After that we end it on some raging clues. Thank you everyone that joined us for the live show, we had a blast as usual, and we will be back Wednesday with episode 150.

The live show call in number is 406-204-4687 so put that in your phones for the next live show. You can also call during off hours and leave a voicemail for us to play on the next show. How fucking cool is that? Its really fucking cool.

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