Ep 154: Heart of Hearts


“I’m thinking its time for you to fucking leave.”

Hello and welcome to episode 154 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonights episode we start things off with a little Friday the 13th tribute shtick, then we let you know exactly what we think of Valentines day. This goes on and on for a good little while, then we talk about Mat’s love poems. SOoo after that we read some email correspondence between Mat and a long time friend of his, all about valentines day and relationships in general. After that we talk about some more people Mat delivers to asking him about alcohol, then we talk about some laundry drama. Gwardo calls in with the question of the week. Would you rather never orgasm or would never laugh? Holy fuck.

So then we do some fuck my life, we skip the confessions and do some news. News stories include: The iphone kills another mexican and drags him for over 15 miles. Slaying your five year old for Jesus! Knocking girls up when your thirteen. Doing your part to help control the pet population… With tequila!

About Mat Lee

Creating dope shit since the chromosome split...
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