Ep 156: Till Death Do Us Part


“I can say this now cuz she’s not here.”

Hello and welcome to episode 156 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. Its our one year anniversary episode bitches! Happy anniversary to us, and a huge thanks to everyone that joined us live, called in, and left messages. We look forward to doing this shit for years and years to come. You guys really make this show a pleasure to do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So we start off the night reminiscing about past episodes, then we make a little fun at Mat’s new speech impediment due to his tongue getting stabbed. Don’t worry, it’s for a good cause. Of course, it’s for What’s her face. Oh well fuck it. So after that we talk about doing computer surgery at the bar, and whats her face doing a bit of the ol karaoke. I just wanted to sit and chill, fuck. Then we do some fucking voicemails, followed by the most horrific question you could ever ask your significant other. Blow jobs anyone? (Thats a little inside joke). After that we do some fuck my life, then we do some lightening round confessions, then we do some news.

News stories include: Kidnapping for the lord. …And bingo was his name O! The best anti depressant ever. Killing your kids the easy way. Killing yourself for the lord. When rocking the sag is just no good. Thank you everyone that joined us for our one year anniversary whatever show. We had a blast, see you Friday for episode 157. Help get us plane tickets for the New York party super party! In other news…

Of course we’d choose laughter over orgasms, any day of the week son.

Now it’s our turn. Our would you rather for this week’s tri-podcast discussion involving The Jamhole, Hotcakes, and Stereo Radiation is as follows… Would you rather get your asshole corned by a dude (just an every day average joe six pack), or would you rather get your shit corned by the most beautiful chick with a dick you’ve ever seen in your whole life. As a matter of fact, she’s so fucking beautiful, she is the most beautiful human (man or woman or whatever) you have ever seen in your life. The choice is yours my friends, choose wisely. This is the question of the week starting Feb 23rd.

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