Ep 182: Negative Money Land


“Go get the nuts!”

Hello and welcome to episode 182 of the jamhole free comedy podcast. This is the first show back at home base since our trip to New York for the katg party super party week! Its so fucking nice to be back in the saddle again, recording shows on professional quality equipment (no offense ear candy NY), and being back in a place where you can actually get 2 big rockstars for the price of one little rockstar. On tonights episode we talk about the last part of our trip to New York, including all the bullshit airport delays and shit. After that we get into why Mat has negative money in his bank account instead of plus monies, then we talk about fail whales on planes with a story sent in by 26.

Also, real quick, it appears we were actually punked by a fellow podcast friend of ours. This is actually why we have been getting all the calls from people not talking during our live shows. A very humorous joke on Mat by Josh of the Bigmouths podcast. Touche my friend, touche… And so the game begins…

After that we do some fuck my life, then we do some news. News stories include: Getting attacked by Wild Hogs. The best way to fake a miscarriage. Another retard who gave birth and didn’t even know she was prego. Jerking off in school while calling out your classmates names. And doing a buck thirty four in a 55.

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