Ep 192: Life Cycles


“That’s what we all have to look forward to.”

Welcome to Episode 192 of The Jamhole. On tonights show the saga continues when we find out what the fuck was going on with the last episode. Apologies have been issued, and thats all there is to say about it, shit happens. After that we talk about getting wrecked and being hysterical, bad and serious, while waiting for test results. And whatever you do, please remember, don’t say the “C” word around her. The more you think about it, the worse its going to get. After that Brayden makes the greatest Star Wars joke I’ve ever heard. After that we talk about the oldest Twitter member ever so far… And if you were wondering, Twitter is actually 3 years old, not 5 like Mat said. Slurp. Holla out to IvyBean for managing to evade cancer for over 104 years. That has got to be some kind of world record. Honestly Mat thinks perhaps she is a twitter bot experiment. Over 5,000 followers now, can you believe that shit? Anyway, next we talk about some husband 1.0 software tech support shit. It’s funny because you put numbers in front of everything you hate about your husband, and it makes it funny.

After that Brayden gives us a weed update, which eventually leads to a discussion about how communism isn’t such a bad idea. Thanks for fucking it all up China and Russia. Thanks a lot. People are lazy what can I say. The next thing you know, its a nation of McDonalds employees. So after that Mat reads a science story about man growing diamonds nano diamonds, and laser beams.

Then we do some fuck my life, then we do some news. News stories include: Dudes marrying chicks that used to be dudes. Something like that. Group sex destroyed my life!

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