Ep 199: Wrecksville


“Your vagina doesn’t poop, it kinda drools.”

Hello and welcome to episode 199 of The Jamhole free comedy podcast. On tonight’s episode we start the show talking about how Libsyn likes to rape your asshole and charge you by the minute so you can’t be like us and do shows as much as you want whenever you want, which leads us to talk about a even better hosting company brought to you by The Jamhole that will blow Libsyn out of the water as soon as it’s ready. After that we talk about Mat geekin’ it up all weekend by getting a bunch of work done on the podcastgangbang website making it look fucking awesome. As of now Basement Boyz and the Original Geeks podcast are officially a part of the podcast gang bang and will be participating in the question of the week. We have 7 shows in this now, it’s going to be great. Mat’s hip hop album The Book of Matthew is available for purchase, there are 5 copies ready as of right now so donate $10 and you’ll get a CD and some stickers. After that we talk about the “package” that was sent to our P.O. box courtesy of erototoys, so.. thanks? After that we talk about actors in superhero type movies and their struggle to harness their real life super powers, and failing. After that we read a story about Wikipedia banning Scientologists from editing articles about Scientology to make it look like the greatest most awesomest thing in the world. Then we talk a little bit more about the weekend.

After that we read some fuck my life, then we do some news. News stories include: a 13 year old killing a 3 year old and fucking it, octomom gets her own TV show about her gaping vagina, a pregnant bitch pays a guy to beat her up to kill the baby then gets him arrested, a newborn baby abandoned in a cardboard box, breaking into someone’s house in the middle of the night and raping then killing their baby.

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