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Ep 361: Beautiful Flower


“You’re shameful about all the wrong things.”

When we have such a beautiful day as we did today here in the Big Sky country, I almost forget what a messed up world we live in. Lucky for me, and all the other pessimists out there, the internet is right there waiting to remind us of how fucked up shit can get. Take this story for example. This 54 year old “gentleman” in Brazil was arrested and accused with fathering eight children with his two eldest daughters. The sad thing is, this isn’t the first time we’ve come across a person like this. Do you all remember the story last year about Josef Fritzl, the Austrian father who raped his daughter and had seven children by her and one miscarriage? Of course you do. So maybe we have a copy cat here, or perhaps this is just something that happens every now and then. So back to the main story, this crazy fuck fathered seven children with his 29 year old daughter, and one child with his 31 year old daughter. I guess you gotta switch it up every now and then so you don’t wreck the puss right? The police have also confirmed that two other of his children / grandchildren were also sexually abused. Of fucking course they were. You know what, I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out that he was sexually abused himself. That always makes for a great excuse. I think this one is a bit far too past the “I was drunk” excuse, but you are never far too past the “I was molested” excuse. Just ask the Catholic church! Anyways, this is what I like to call the point of no return. There is nothing you can really do for this “family” except to put them out of their misery. ALL OF THEM. Because if you don’t, you know the cycle will repeat itself, over and over and over again. That’s the circle of life. This guy should have made himself a little Human Centipede! That was for you Ward.

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