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Ep 196: Catch Phrase


“I wanna see the old man creepiness.”

Hello and welcome to episode 196 The Jamhole free comedy podcast. On tonight’s episode we have the illustrious industrial band 26z in the studio to talk about the Alzheipalooza experience, Montana people in general, and lots of sex. I’m totally kidding of course, we talk about all sorts of other shit, but this show is too amazing for show notes, so I will simply leave you with links to the two news stories we did and the 26z website. Found dead in a tv box, and the worse babysitter ever. Oh yea, you probably wanna go check out the website for 26z also. By the way, the album art for tonights episode is Siren of 26z all pierced the fuck up (HOT). Danni found this picture of her while trolling the myspace… Fucking trolls.

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