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Ep 300: And Still Shit


“Do you remember when we got ripped off for buying weed, twice?”

Three hundred episodes in the can, almost two years of doing the jamhole and we’re still going strong. Just make sure you don’t measure how strong we are going by the sound of this episodes Kaboom. Let me give you a little inside insight. For the last forty to fifty episodes, people in the live chat have been asking for Danni to do the Kaboom. Then finally last night, I was going to let her do it. Then we get the idea that rather than Danni herself doing the Kaboom, everyone should do it. Everyone includes Danni, Chris, Odie, and Brayden. So I’m like sure, that sounds good. I sit back as the intro plays, intent on letting everyone else do the Kaboom. What happens after the backspin? Absolute silence. Along with¬†achieving¬†three hundred episode spartan status, I believe we also have one of the jamhole’s most awkward silences ever. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. It has been an honor bringing you all over five hundred hours of jamhole goodness. Thank you all for helping us grow this show into what it has become, and we look forward to bringing you at least three hundred more episodes. Keep supporting the show, spreading the word, interacting, and staying sexy, and we’ll keep making fun of stuff, and talking shit.

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