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Ep 155: Devastator


“We’re now better not together then we were before.”

Hello and welcome to episode 155 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonights episode we start the show talking about epic valentines day failures, which leads into all the weekend shenanigans with Mat and Danni including winning money gambling, giving Danni her first orgasm, and trying to find some plain cheesecake ice cream. By the way, thejamhole.com/danni will take you to her twitter account so you can see all the shit she talks about Mat. Its fan fucking tastic. So after that we talk about Mat almost crashing into shit, and of course a little update on our good friend mother bitch Rob the stalker. After that we learn that Brayden is about as good at loading bowls as he is at putting oil in the car. The dipstick hole. Its a small miracle that boy is still alive.

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